Free 4-Day Transit Visas for Doha Stopovers Now Available from Qatar Airways

On Monday September 26, Qatar Airways, in conjunction with Qatar’s Interior Ministry and Tourism Authority, announced free 4-day transit visas for passengers with more than 5-hour layover at Doha’s Hamad International Airport.

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Travel Hacks 101: Life-Changing Tips for Smart Travel

As the frequency of your travels increase, you often find that you pick up some little nuggets of wisdom along the way. We summarized these nuggets in a way that may have you nodding your head or thinking “why haven’t I been doing this all along?” below: Continue reading “Travel Hacks 101: Life-Changing Tips for Smart Travel”

Pre-Travel: How to Navigate Long Doha Layovers with Qatar Airways Flights

Long connecting times/stopovers/layovers can be a mighty hassle or a blessing in disguise depending on how prepared you are for them. We’ve put together some pretty helpful information in the context of flying with Qatar Airways which is based out of Doha Hamad International Airport and always has a Doha stopover for international flights. Continue reading “Pre-Travel: How to Navigate Long Doha Layovers with Qatar Airways Flights”

Nigeria’s Tourist Gems.

Did you know there are so many cool places you can visit in Nigeria? Well we compiled a few from each part of the country for you to check out when you need a domestic getaway. PS: we do not own any of the pictures used and all image copyrights belong to their authors.

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First Time Travel: What to Expect.

First time travel is often exciting, yet, daunting. We have put together a walk-through of some key tasks you need to carry out for a pleasant trip: Continue reading “First Time Travel: What to Expect.”

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