As the frequency of your travels increase, you often find that you pick up some little nuggets of wisdom along the way. We summarized these nuggets in a way that may have you nodding your head or thinking “why haven’t I been doing this all along?” below:

extension-boxDon’t forget your travel voltage converter, and take a small extension box/power strip with you! If you’re travelling to a different continent you might run into the pesky problem of your phone charger not fitting into the sockets or worst case blowing up due to the wrong voltage! Taking along your own voltage converter will save you the headache of looking for a location-compatible charger or running off to the shops immediately after you arrive (not counting the cost of a new charger). A power strip will also come in handy when you’re sharing a crowed outlet in the airport, you’ll be a source of envy being able to charge all your devices from your one single plug.


suit-and-scarfPack smart for corporate travel. If you’re a business traveller, learn to pack your suit in a wrinkle-free way as shown in this YouTube video. We think a good scarf should be in the luggage of any smart and fashionable lady boss. A silk scarf can help you hide any coffee stains or cleavage if necessary. A chic scarf will also add an extra layer of class to any outfit when used as a neck-tie or on a handbag.


passportSave a picture of your luggage and passport on your phone, so you can make a reference to them if necessary. You can show a picture of your luggage to the authorities if it gets lost and having a picture of your passport will enable you get a print-out of your data page from the picture if you need it for a police report or other emergencies.

Also book ahead for cheap tickets, we’ve covered this in previous posts. Avoid falling prey to seemingly good deals such as ridiculously (unbelievably) cheap fares. Such fares are usually super restrictive and a simple change could cost you up to 3x the paid fare. Sometimes you may be asked to pay more to make up the cost of such tickets if it’s a flash sale, as you may have made payment at the tail end. Of course, booking with us at, you can be certain that you only pay your quoted fare and any future changes will only cost you the airline change fees.


chicken-blood-chinese-mealFood! When travelling, you might find foreign meals a challenge. If you’re the adventurous spirit you may find it exciting to try new food, and there’s none more diverse than breakfast. Try the local breakfast offerings or whatever meal time is most honoured as that will have the largest menu. For more cautious eaters, breakfast is also a good choice as the staple bread and other standard meals may be available. If you’re on a budget, try to avoid fast-foods or restaurants and embrace more street food. Yes, street food. At least you get to see how your food is being prepared and judge the hygiene quality, in comparison to restaurants where food is prepared in closed kitchens. Little wonder that many travellers report getting sick more from restaurant food than street food. Whatever you choose, remember to carry along sanitary wipes (to wipe cutlery) or your own portable chopsticks for a healthier experience. Food poisoning medication may also come in handy if you get tummy sick (please get a prescription from your doctor).

We hope you find these hacks useful next time you travel. You can share your own little nuggets of travel wisdom with us in the comments section. Safe travels!