First it was foreign airlines pulling stakes out of the country, now one of our indigenous airlines has taken some time off. Aero Contractors announced today that it will be shutting down its services for an undisclosed amount of time. We’re hoping they’ll be back soon, please do not attempt to book Aero Contractors flight tickets for now.

The current economic recession and Forex problems have been a huge challenge for the aviation ecosystem in the country. Profits have been decimated from devaluation of the Naira, revenue drops and other myriad issues have posed serious road (in this case tarmac) blocks for the airlines. Aero Contractors is the second biggest domestic airline and it’s sad to see them take a break, even though they suggest that it’s due to some “strategic business realignment to enhance profitability”. They however stress that only scheduled services (i.e. regular flight services) are suspended.

Now what does this mean for their teeming workforce? The company states that all staff are to proceed on indefinite leave till services commence. No word on if it’s to be paid leave or when they hope to re-commence business. They only promise to “return back to operations within the shortest possible time, offering reliable, safe and secure operations, which the airline is known for”.

We at do hope that they come back soon, for the sake of their staff who can’t afford to lose income in this economic clime, for the sake of their loyal customers who have always preferred and flown Aero, as well as, our sake as we’ll be sad to see them go.

UPDATE: First Nation Airlines announced today (1st September, 2016) that they are also temporarily suspending their operations “to carry out mandatory maintenance of their aircraft”. We really hope this isn’t a trend!