Continuing from our previous post, we bring you more tips to help you pack smart and secure for your next trip.

  • The quality of bags you take can also go a long way in saving you the KGs and giving you more packing room. Opt for those big yet lightweight roller boxes which are sturdy and easy to move around. Their light weight and size means you can pack more than usual. Also use padlocks that are not flimsy, even though your boxes may be opened for further screening after check-in by airport staff, especially when travelling in the US.
  • Make sure you check-in items such as perfumes and lotions which are not allowed in carry-on bags. For our ladies, please place all your makeup in Ziploc bags to prevent them being thrown out and do not carry hand creams or other cosmetics larger than 100ml. Essential medication are however allowed onboard the plane. Please check your ticket and boarding pass for a list of banned items for air travel.
  • Add luggage tags or other easily identifiable tags to your luggage to enable you easily detect them at the baggage carousel (pick-up spot after arrival). It also helps to prevent other passengers with similar bags accidentally taking away your bag.
  • Get into buying travel insurance so you can be sure items in your bag will be compensated for in case of any loss after check-in. However, it is best to keep your valuables with you either on your person or in your hand luggage.
  • Always be watchful of your luggage and attentive to your surroundings when travelling. Due to the higher rate of insecurity globally, it’s wise to report to the nearest authority if you notice anything unusual such as bags left unattended for a long period of time in the airport.

Although these tips are most relevant for international trips, they can also be applied for travel within the country. We hope you have safe travels, and always remember that your journey starts with