First time travel is often exciting, yet, daunting. We have put together a walk-through of some key tasks you need to carry out for a pleasant trip:

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. If you’re going to a different country either by road or air, you will be required to have ID and in many cases a visa for the country you are visiting. So check the visa requirements for your intended visit and make proper arrangements if needed.
  2. Book your flight or bus tickets as soon as you are sure of your travel date ( can help!). This is to ensure that you get a ticket for your date at the cheapest possible price. At a later time the cheaper class options may be sold out for your date, or there might be no tickets available at all.
  3. Arrive on time for bus trips so you get the best seat. For flights, you’ll need to check-in either online or at the airport. Check-in is better done online at least 24 hours before your travel time to help you choose your preferred seating and reduce the time you’ll spend at the airline counter when your arrive at the airport.
  4. For flights, you may be subject to security checks when you head for boarding after checking in. This is mandatory for international flights. Be sure to check-in items not allowed in carry-on luggages such as large lotion bottles, perfumes etc. You can read through your boarding pass for information on items not permitted in the aircraft. Again, make sure you have the necessary documents for travel as you may not be allowed to board the aircraft without them.
  5. If you’re safely in the bus, secure your carry-on luggage and pay attention to any instructions from the driver. If you’re flying, get seated at your designated seat; check your boarding pass for your seat number. Sometimes, a free seating arrangement may be provided by the airline so it’ll pay to get into the plane on time. The cabin crew usually carries out some safety demonstrations before takeoff once passengers are all seated so you can observe this.
  6. After the safety demonstrations the fasten seat belt and no smoking signs will come on for takeoff, and once the aircraft is stable in flight the seat belt sign may be turned off. At no point is smoking allowed during a flight.
  7. Now we are on to the relaxing part. Food is often served by the cabin crew for long-distance flights and magazines are provided for each passenger to pass the time. Most airlines also have in-flight entertainment in form of pre-recorded movies, shows and music, so enjoy.
  8. If you’re in a bus, take bathroom break opportunities when offered by the driver, as the bus may be unable to stop when you feel ready to go. When you arrive at the bus terminal, get your bags as soon as you can and head off to meet your contact at arrivals. And you’re done with your first trip!
  9. For first-time flyers, please wait till the plane is fully stopped after landing to take off your seat belt and head for the exit. The cabin crew will say when to do this. Head off to arrivals, get your checked-in luggage and you’re done!

We hope we’ve eased some of your travel worries with these short descriptions of what to expect on your first trip.